Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, most buildings do not allow pets. Dogs are sometimes prohibited, but cats are often allowed, but it is best to discuss these concerns with your broker when you begin looking for a new home. If you have a dog, please also make sure to inform your agent of the breed and weight of your dog. 
If you are looking to sublet your apartment, most landlords will require that you inform him of the dates you would like to sublet your apartment, some may even charge you a fee for doing so, while others may be more flexible and won't mind as you continue to remain responsible for the apartment's condition and rent payment. 
In order to qualify for an apartment in NYC, your gross income should equal to minimum 40-45 times the monthly rent and you must have a sufficient credit score (usually over 700 would be enough). If this financial condition cannot be met, usually you will be given the option to bring a guarantor or put down extra security deposit up to 6 months, possibly even more, depending on your finances. 
In rental buildings it usually takes about 2-3 days. However if you apply for a condo or a co-op it may take anywhere between 1 week to 4 weeks. If you apply for an apartment in a condominium or a cooperative we recommend planning ahead and taking into consideration that the process is much longer than in rental buildings. Remember, providing all required documents and following your broker's advice will expedite your approval process drastically. 
Yes, you may request your security deposit back from your landlord as soon as your lease ends. Security deposit is held with your landlord in an interest bearing escrow account, so you may be pleasantly surprised if you get a little bit more money than you deposited when you signed the lease. 
At GZB Realty we have access to more than 6,000 available apartments in NYC, therefore it's very easy to advertise them all. We think that's its best to see as many apartments as you can that meet your criteria. Although it can be quite a task to walk around Manhattan streets for several hours, statistically the more you see, the more of an informed decision you will make when it comes time to chose a home. Tell your GZB Agent about what is most important for you when looking at apartments and you will be able to expand your options. 
Without the right real estate agent, it can seem like a daunting challenge to find the right home, especially in the Manhattan real estate market. Luckily for you, GZB Realty live and breathe real estate every day and so their unique experience in the market will help you find the perfect place to live. The information found on this website can give you some basic insight into our company and the services offered by our brokers, but once you take the step to contact our offices directly, you will be put in touch with experienced real estate agents who will be able to show you some of the best apartments New York City has to offer. And remember, in Manhattan, the best apartments are rented exclusively through brokers. As we work with the smallest and largest rental landlords in the city, you are sure to have access to the largest possible number of listings. 
A common lease in New York City is generally 1 or 2 year long. A 2-year lease may have the priced locked which could be a smart move if you are looking for a longer-term apartment. 
In most buildings, heat and water are included. Electricity and cooking gas are mostly additional charges you would need to take into consideration, as well as other utilities such as cable, internet, etc... 
Most building managements require similar paperwork, but some ask for more than others. Usually you will be required to provide following documents: a copy of a photo ID; letter of employment stating annual salary, position and length of employment (must be signed and on a company letter head); recent bank statement; three recent pay stubs; most recent tax returns or W2 form. If you are self-employed, you need to provide a letter from a CPA verifying your position and annual income. Contact us if you are coming from a foreign country as requirements may vary. See our renter's guide for further information 
Usually, the best time to start your search is about 30 to 45 days prior to your desired move-in date. Getting started with GZB Realty early on in the process will give you enough time to get a good sense of the market. That way, when it's time to sign a lease, your broker will have shown you a wide variety of Manhattan apartments that fit your criteria, allowing you to make an informed decision, so you won't feel rushed into signing a lease. 
GZB Realty works all over Manhattan. You can find us in neighborhood such as: Midtown, Upper East side, Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, Yorkville, Upper West Side, Morning Heights, Lincoln Square, Columbus Circle, Midtown West, Clinton, Hell’s Kitchen, Garment District, Chelsea, Midtown East, Sutton Place, Theodor City, Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Kips Bay, Gramercy Park, Flat Iron, Union Square, Downtown, Greenwich Village, West Village, East Village, Alphabet City, Lower East Side, NoHo, SoHo, Nolita TriBeCa, Little Italy, China Town, Financial District, Battery Park City and Harlem. Did we forget anything? 
Apartments that are listed as NO FEE come to the market when landlords offer to pay the commission to the renting broker. That usually occurs when a landlord is willing to get his apartments rented faster than his competitors, or sometimes it may happen in a softening market, also called "renter's market".