Property Management

GZB Realty is one of the premier boutique real estate brokerage firms in Manhattan. Servicing clients from around the world, we provide full service residential management, with highly skilled agents and personnel who will guide you through every step of the process. Our management portfolio consists of multifamily buildings up to 20 units in neighborhoods all across Manhattan in a variety of building size and styles.

At GZB Realty, we value integrity above all else. We understand that our role is to provide you with a valuable financial service, and we value our work with the utmost importance. Each property we manage receives a personalized approach and a wide variety of management needs.

Especially for those of our clients who live internationally, our services can be invaluable. GZB Realty NYC has a long history of working with international buyers, and our record in unsurpassed. If you live out of the country, we will manage your property with ease, allowing you to rest assured that your New York real estate is in highly capable hands.

Our number one priority is to identify our clients individual needs and goals so we can bring better value to their investments with the confidence and security that their best interests are being well served by a team of experienced professionals. At GZB Realty NYC we take an enormous amount of pride in a job well done and our clients' goals being attained.

GZB Realty NYC aims to ensure a hassle free process when working with you to invest in one of the largest real estate markets in the world. We service every aspect of buying, leasing and managing property in New York City, so that you can enjoy a profitable and easy investment experience. Our goal is to make your transition to New York City as seamless and easy as possible, leaving the legwork to us.

Whether you're investing in a multi-family walk-up in Greenwich Village or a studio apartment on the Upper East Side, GZB Realty agents will make taking care of your property their top priority, constantly attuned to anything you may need done for the unit, and doing so quickly and without any hassle to you.

For apartment owners, GZB Realty NYC can assist with finding and screening potential tenants should you wish to rent out your investment property, as well as providing comprehensive property management services. GZB Realty agents will oversee renting the unit, collect rent, and take care of any maintenance and cleaning. We can also help in the event you choose to sell your property. We specialize in managing individual condo and coop properties as well as single and multi-family townhouses and so we are able to provide the hands-on service necessary to meet your needs.

GZB Realty NYC will also send you a detailed quarterly report which includes information about rent collection, completion of any needed repairs as well as expense reports. Any additional information regarding your property may be provided from our brokers upon request.

Our agents will:

  • Hire friendly maintenance workers who respond 24-hours a day
  • Immediately respond to maintenance requests, avoiding costly repairs
  • Find renters and screening potential tenants
  • Prepare applications for tenant condo/co-op board review
  • Bill tenants and payment collection
  • Pay mortgages and associated maintenance expenses
  • Inspect units as requested
  • Find buyers for resale

GZB Realty NYC is on the owners' side. We are a full service brokerage firm and are there to make your property ownership as seamless a process as possible.

Please contact us for more information and see our Buyer's Guide for a a better idea of the Manhattan real estate marketplace. Also, check out our Neighborhoods Guide for more a detailed look at the diverse neighborhoods of New York City.